miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

Jungle Criters

"Jungle Critters" January 19 Garden Club meeting.What is that really yucky looking bug crawling through your house? What do you do if bitten by a scorpion? Is that snake poisonous? What is the treatment for a spider bite? Dr. Fernando Marquez, Emergency Room Physician in Puerto Vallarta gave a very good talk on how best to handle a bite once you are bitten.
“Do not use any home remedies. Head to an emergency room.” 
“Most river snakes are poisonous.  And why are you swimming in the river?  The crocodiles are likely to get you first."
We learned a nifty poem about poisonous snakes “Red touch black, good for Jack.  Red touch yellow, kill a fellow.”
Dr. Marquez also told us about a project he is working on to make Puerto Vallarta a Cardio safe city. How is that for a goal?  “Puerto Vallarta:  the Safe Cardio, Bougainvillea capital of the world.”

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